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seven_kinsmen's Journal

Feanorian Fanfiction
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So, you can't get enough of Maedhros/Fingon? Maybe you like the angsty type and find yourself pondering Maglor's eventual fate. Perhaps you are drawn to the lustful Celegorm and think that he and Luthien should have gotten it on? Maybe you prefer the tales of Curufin's inner darkness, or admire Caranthir's devotion to Lady Haleth. Of course you might always have a soft spot for the dearest pair of twins in the first age (Elrond and Elros WHO? :P)

Or maybe you'd just rather see some "bad guys" win. Whatever the case, welcome to seven_kinsmen, the ultimate Feanorian fan community! Whether you post fiction or artwork, or share links and commentary, we're pleased to have you join us.

1. R and NC-17 rated peices with explicit violence or sexual content must be clearly labeled as such.

2. The lj-cut is your friend. Please use it when posting artwork or stories longer than 100 words long.

3. Trolls, spammers and other such annoyances will face the wrath of Maedhros, who happens to like you even less than he likes orcs.

4. These rules are of course, subject to change at any time. Be warned.