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I have tons of Feanorion fics, mainly featuring Maedhros, but I'll spare you the spam and refrain from posting them all at once. Most of them are very short.

Title: Fun (1/1 - 220 words)
Author: Arhuaine
Pairing: Maedhros/Fingon
Warnings: Slash implied
AN: This one was originally a drabble challenge for Theatrical Muse (before Russandol got bored with playing).

Prince of Himring had been locked in his room with Prince of Hithlum for over twenty-four hours now, and the servants were starting to worry. To begin with there was laughter and excited chatter and that followed by mostly silence but for the creaking of furniture and the occasional moan and murmur.

Breakfast was brought, then lunch, and these were left outside the door. They remained undisturbed except for one moment when Prince of Hithlum opened the door to look at the tray of food. He smiled, reached for the bowl of berries and the cream, then disappeared back inside. More laughter ensued.

Prince of Himring asked for wine to be delivered and it was, along with more food that still remained untouched. "Perhaps he is sickening?" the servants wondered amongst themselves. "Perhaps he is crazy?" they added later, when the sound of raised voices and breaking glass was heard emerging from the room.

It was the following dawn when the two finally emerged looking dishevelled and exhausted, as though neither of them had slept. No words were spoken about what had occurred behind their locked door, but looks were exchanged between the Princes, and the servants gossiped amongst themselves.

No-one dared to ask Prince of Himring just how it was that he'd managed to get cream in his hair.
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