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Okay, here's my first post. I have a lot of other Feanorian fic sitting around but for now this one will do just fine. *G*

Title: Snow
Characters: Amrod and Amras, Maedhros, Fingon, Maglor, OC,
Rating: G
Summary: Spending the winter in Himring is fun for Ambarussa, even when they learn things that they shouldn't...
Notes: Implied Maedhros/Fingon at the very end.

The first snow comes quietly, sneaking in like a thief, then falling like tiny stars onto Ambarussa’s cheeks and noses, dotting them in a spray of white that still makes them laugh as they romp about like elflings and plan the fun things that are to come now that Findekano has agreed to stay for the winter. They know of course that it is ever so much safer to bother Maitimo while their cousin is here to keep their brother from getting very upset.

Even if Maitimo never stays angry for very long, and Makalaure gives him dirty looks and tells him to grow up anyway, Ambarussa have decided that it is still nice to know that he is not as likely to glare at them or chase them through the house calling out threats that he always forgets when he catches them, no matter how sarcastically Maitimo’s scribe offers to write these things down for him as she lingers in the doorway watching, conviently forgetting that there are letters to write and accounts to settle.

Of course, even if Maitimo won’t get angry now, there is still a chance that he and Findekano will fight back and sometime when Ambarussa least expect it, one of them will wind up with snow shoved down the back of his shirt, or knocked face first into a pile of it prompting the sort of all out war which nobody really wins, strictly because they are laughing too hard to do much of anything but drag themselves inside when it’s over and sit by the fire as Findekano braids Maitimo’s hair and Makalaure rolls his eyes at them as he tunes his harp, and mutters something about all of them being crazy, a point which no one present bothers to deny, though if Carnistir were there instead of off chasing his scary “girlfriend” he would claim it was their fault for making him this way.

But Ambarussa have always thought Carnistir was a bit crazy as it was, even if he isn’t so bad as Atarinke and Tyelkormo, who they are still a little afraid of sometimes, even though they know it’s silly. But still, they are glad that neither of those two is likely to show up this winter. After all, it is impossible really to imagine either of them letting Ambarussa curl up at their feet with the best blankets, or giving them hugs when Makalaure sad songs remind them too much of home and Naneth who they still miss, or reminding them how beautiful their forest will be when they return to it in the spring, because even the darkest winters don’t last and this one isn’t nearly so bad as the long, cold and dangerous one that Findekano walked through, though that’s all he has to say about things like the Helcaraxë. now, or anything like that at all really.

It is also hard to imagine either of their brothers doing the other things that Maitimo and Findekano sometimes like to do and Ambarussa are not supposed to know about. But that’s a whole other story really…
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